Sky Blending

Anytime I look up at the sky I enjoy the beauty of seeing something that has almost been untouched by man. Some would argue that it has been affected by man. I understand that completely, but the beauty of the sky has never been so great. I enjoy looking up and seeing the sun peeking through the clouds as the rays appear to touch the ground. I enjoy seeing the pinks and reds and all the different colors of the sky. It reminds me that there are different colors that make the world go around. Just as we as humans have different skin tones and we blend together to make a community, so do the clouds blend together to make a beautiful sky. The sky has always amazed me as it intertwined with our world but seemingly never touches it. As beautiful as the sky is in the daytime and in the morning, it is just as gorgeous in the evening. Showing the moon coming through a little bit of clouds and just enough to see but there is still movement in the evening as there is in the day. So it goes to show even on your darkest hours there is movement and ever-changing times to make a beautiful picture.

As layers blend to make a beautiful photo,
so do we blend to make a wonderful world!

A Simple Smile

Is all it takes to change the mood of the day. Lately I have been going through photos of my grandchildren to make books for them for Christmas. It has been a frustrating task as my computer is acting up and I do not know why. Each time I look at a picture where they are smiling, I am reminded to smile as well. Maybe if we all kept a smiling picture in our head when we get down or angered that could help us through tough times. Those smiling faces surround us every day a child in the street, an ad with a smile and our families’ smiles. I enjoy watching the wildlife in my front yard, but I also enjoy watching my grandchildren and children in the neighborhood play as well. The little girls playing with their new dog, my grandsons learning to ride their bike and my granddaughter learning different techniques to her artwork. Smiling has been known to bring happiness even in the darkest hours of our lives. As we go on this rollercoaster ride called our lives, we come across many glitches that tend to veer us off our paths. We must try our best to stick to the path to better our lives Each time we “slip up” we should look for that smile to let us know everything will be alright and we will get there. Just in case you need a little help or example I have shared my granddaughter’s picture as an example. Just look at how her smile lights up the room as she is so happy playing with one of our dogs. This is part of exploring our everyday life and embracing life’s glitches because without the glitches moments like this would not have as much meaning. See if you can find an old photo that makes you smile and make a large print out of it and hang it in your house where you will see it every day. I am sure this will help get you through some glitches. Thank your for taking the time to read my blog, have a good night and a better tomorrow.

Maya and Brooklyn having fun together.