Morning Music

Morning music is my favorite thing. To hear the crickets chirping, the birds squawking and cars in the distance. All of which appear to be in their own perfect harmony. Even the occasional bee buzzing by my ear does not hinder the beauty that I find in the morning noises, as I wait for the sun to rise. These are the peaceful times in my life yet it is not still and silent. In the distance I can hear the cardinal sounding like two nickels rubbing together and the crow, that will never come visit my yard, cawing. I hear the morning song of a nuthatch as it goes to the suet feeder to get his favorite meal to start off his day. You can hear the screech and other calling sounds of the blue jay as they alert me that they are ready to swoop down to get their peanuts. Enjoying my breakfast with these beautiful sights and sounds makes for a God-given glorious start to every day. I implore you to take a minute outside and just listen with a new ear. You may hear things you never thought about before. Thank you to all my current and future followers and readers for taking time out of your day to read my blog!

Weight and Image

I have struggled with my weight all my life. Even in school it was a struggle. I remember one day when I wanted to run away and some of my siblings decided they would help me pack and told me not to forget my piggy bank. At that age it was no one’s fault that I didn’t understand, it was just kids being kids. As I got into higher grades in school, I had a crush on a guy. One day when he sat next to me on the bus he made a comment about my thighs being bigger than his. It’s a family trait on my mother’s side. We try to do what we can to lessen that trait. As I grew older I looked for acceptance in my life and found it in my jobs. I remember working several hours and just getting the appreciation from customers and my bosses. I thought that’s all I needed to make me happy and fulfill what was lacking in my personal relationships. I look back now and I know I was never happy with how I was. That is why in a previous post I had talked about being 57 and finally liking myself or being in love with myself and thinking I was beautiful. You may ask why I’m talking about this tonight when I’m usually so uplifting. The reason being is that I was looking through all my photos. I realized how much I had changed just in my face from December of 2019 to July of 2020. I have lost 40 pounds and feel much better about myself. So I guess the reason I am writing this today is to let you know that things take time. No matter what you may think is wrong with you or wrong with the your surroundings it takes time for things to change and for mindsets to change. Please remember that what you say will last longer than the time it took you to say it. Thank you for reading my blog!

Beauty is more than looks it is emotions combined with those looks and the understanding of how they work together.

Family and Community

Today I write about the times and trials of having a big family and how I look at it in a community. I come from a family of nine and sometimes that can be difficult, but I would not change it for the world. We have our issues but would be there for anyone that needs it. Just as we, as a family, are there through thick and thin so are our communities. We may bicker and fight about our opinions but in the end we are looking for the greater good for our group. We all suffer in different ways when something bad happens in our coummunity but we are all affected no matter what. Not all my family members are close but prior to our father’s passing we would all come together on special ocassions. Now we gather when we can and speak together as a group when we have to make family decisions or to support one another. Before today I didn’t think much of this as it relates to a community. Although our communities may not feel as if they come together, in times of trouble you have those in the community that you can count on. As I explore this community of mine I find individuals that keep to themselves as well as those that love to hold a conversation with those that will have them. These conversations although seemingly short are always informative on one level or another. Just as my family, when we conversate some may think “what are they talking about” while others find it fascinating. I implore you to take the time to listen to that neighbor that wants to talk, what they have to say may be more than just words coming out of their mouth. Exploring what someone says to you and how it is said can mean the difference between an argument or a meeting of the minds. You may have that one person in your community that you think is way out of whack. As I think of that one person in our family I realize that not everyone has the capacity to think about others as many of us do. Even in our communities we see people that go about their day without caring what others think about their actions and/or opinions. As I pause to think about this we do not know what is going on in that person’s head, as well as what has brought them to where they are. Maybe there is more to the story than what they are saying. If you can, reach out to that person and find a way to help, if only to nod when they are talking. Even if you do not understand what they are talking about or how they came to their understanding of whatever it is, always be polite. You never know what situation you will find yourself in the future. As we explore everyday life remember there are little glitches in everything around us we just need to learn how to embrace them for the better. Thank you for reading my post.

A Little Squirrelly

Yes, we are back with the squirrels again tonight. We started throwing peanuts out for the bluejay, which used to dive bomb for them several times in the morning. Most times now he only comes about once and the rest are taken up by the squirrels. They come in a range of shapes, sizes and colors just like humans. They are, mostly, accepting of each other. Although, sometimes they like to show who is boss by chasing some of the squirrels away. I watched as one such interaction took place. Two squirrels were chasing each other around the base of the tree about a foot up from the ground. Around and around they went until one decided, apparently, that it was tired of this circular running and getting nowhere and went up the tree. Just as we as humans sometimes get accustomed to going around on that proverbial circular track without ever figuring out how to get off from it.

Yes, I love nature and take many pictures of nature and now I have so many I am working on a way to share them with others. Back in 2016 I published a book with some of my pictures and some sayings that were God given to me. Unfortunately the publisher decided to close shop and follow his calling to become a minister and my books have been at a standstill shortly after being published. I did not start the book to gain fame or notariaty I just wanted to get my pictures and words out to those interested. To date I still have several copies and tonight I decided it was time to sell them on my own. So I will be making that journey along with other options to try and follow the path I originally wanted to be on. I write this tonight to piggy back on the blog last night wherein I spoke about the young lady getting her self-esteem back. She had read that you have to look within yourself to find out what you really want to do with your life and plan to go after whatever that may be. If we all followed our hearts to do good, we could all help one another with their paths. Squirrel, other animal or human we all play an important part in this world.

Just a Little Bit

As we all know there are several people in this world that suffer with low self-esteem, which we could consider a glitch in our lives. I am amazed at those that can dig themselves out of this issue at an early age. I suffered from low self-esteem for several years mainly becasue of my weight. At forty I looked in the mirror and decided I did not like what I saw and vowed to change. I was working in retail at the time and decided I had to do something about my weight and did not want to be in retail for the rest of my life. I lost fifty pounds and went to college and earned my paralegal degree. Even after that I suffered with low self-esteem, I thought I was still fat and hated my picture taken. This year I turned fifty-seven and even though I weigh a little more than I did in my forties, I saw myself as a beautiful person for the first time. I look back on those pictures and say “Wow, you were thinner in your forties than today”, but back then I thought I was too fat to be with anyone. It is amazing how little things can skew how we see ourselves. By the way I met my perfect match seventeen years ago and he has accepted me for who I am no matter what my size or employment. When you learn to love yourself you open up a whole new world. Even though I was outspoken and gave 100% to wherever I worked I never looked in the mirror and thought you are great. My advice to anyone struggling is to look in the mirror and let that person in the mirror know you love them no matter what. I have seen people go through many of the same feelings, some much younger than me that have taken charge of their destiny. I am proud of those that can do it at an early age. Although, I am proof that you can change anything at any age and feel better about yourself. So do not despair and think it is the end of the world. Hang on and it will eventually get better, you may have to ride that roller coaster but eventually it stops, the dizziness goes away and you then feel better. If you need help go get it. Whether it be reading a book, counseling or whatever you can find, that is non-destructive to your mental and physical well-being, that can help you through the roller coaster. I know a young lady that recently decided to take on her low self-esteem and began reading a book, taking one day for herself and getting out of a relationship that was going nowhere. Now she looks happier and feels better about herself. Someone once told me “You can’t take care of anyone if you don’t take care of yourself first”. I find that very true.

One of Life’s Little Glitches

While working with the court system I have come to realize that it isn’t easy for anyone that works in or with that system. They have a job to do no matter how we may feel about them. Do some people go overboard with power? Some may think so, but did we ever think that some are lax and others follow the rules to a tee? The attorney’s are trying their best to do all they can do for their clients and the court employees are doing everything to see that the laws are followed. I know this is off my post from last night but it is something I felt I needed to say. As we look at life around us we see all sorts of “glitches” and don’t think anything of it until it touches our life or the life of someone close to us. Please remember in these hard times that everyone that is working has a task that is expected of them and most do their job to the best of their ability. If a cashier is slow they may be struggling with how to pay their rent. If a meter person writes you a ticket it means that you did not obey the parking laws.

Today I was parked in a 30 minute loading zone and left my three older grandchildren in the car as I ran into the office to exchange files. My granddaughter called me and said “Grandma the meter lady said you have to come move your car or she will have to give you a ticket.” Wow, I thought I was only going to be less than the 30 minutes. As I came outside to move the car I was mumbling to myself that I had parked there many times before without an issue. As I was about to move my car I spotted the meter person and want to clarify things with her. She let me know the rules to parking in an unloading zone and I thanked her for letting this old lady know the rule I had never read up on. I was in the wrong but she gracefully made me aware of the rules and regs and we both went our separate ways. Could this have turned ugly if one of us let our feelings get in the way? Absolutely it could have but thank God we both kept our feelings to ourselves and dealt with the crux of the problem. In conclusion this is just one of life’s little glitches that I am glad did not turn into a major issue. Thank you for reading my post and have a good night.