Fallen Tree

When a tree falls you can think of the destruction that it has made. Such as the tree that fell on our back deck and destroyed a portion of it during a storm. Yet out of those fallen trees can become new growth or new uses for the fallen parts of the tree. For example there was a portion of the tree that was too heavy for us to remove from my lawn or could not be cut up and we have kept it in our lawn. The grandchildren have thoroughly enjoyed climbing on it and jumping off from it. Fallen trees can do damage just like a person who has fallen in their own life can do damage to others or to things around them. But we must remember that the fallen branch or fallen tree used to be a productive person just as the tree was productive and useful. When a person suffers from a tragedy they may not feel whole just as the tree that has lost a portion of it. Trees, most times can recover with time and the same can be said about people. Although trees can sometimes recover with the help of nature, people may need the help of others to recover and it may take longer than they would like. As we look around our world and how it has changed within the past few months we have seen how people depend on others to help them through the “broken branch” times. Just as a tree can be renewed so can people. Given the chance to reach out most people can be renewed with faith and friends. Don’t become the person that just sees the “fallen tree”, be the one that helps to give that “fallen tree” a new outlook on life.

Morning Music

Morning music is my favorite thing. To hear the crickets chirping, the birds squawking and cars in the distance. All of which appear to be in their own perfect harmony. Even the occasional bee buzzing by my ear does not hinder the beauty that I find in the morning noises, as I wait for the sun to rise. These are the peaceful times in my life yet it is not still and silent. In the distance I can hear the cardinal sounding like two nickels rubbing together and the crow, that will never come visit my yard, cawing. I hear the morning song of a nuthatch as it goes to the suet feeder to get his favorite meal to start off his day. You can hear the screech and other calling sounds of the blue jay as they alert me that they are ready to swoop down to get their peanuts. Enjoying my breakfast with these beautiful sights and sounds makes for a God-given glorious start to every day. I implore you to take a minute outside and just listen with a new ear. You may hear things you never thought about before. Thank you to all my current and future followers and readers for taking time out of your day to read my blog!

My Tree Life

As I look at the tree blowing in the wind, I am astonished by how it goes through the seasons of life strong and steady. It goes to show with strong roots the tree endures just as we as humans with strong roots endure. Now in humans strong roots may not always develop in our childhood. Sometimes the situations we go through give us those strong roots. A Maple tree starts out as, what some people call a helicopter seed. Within a few years, if you let it, that seed will grow. It can grow into a strong durable tree to withstand most storms. Just as we humans can withstand storms throughout our lives. A tree bends and does not break easily. Even if you have gone through difficult times, if you look back you did not break easily. Some of us go through times when we are at our lowest, but being faithful to ourselves and our beliefs can bring us through it. Even if a tree is knocked down or torn out of the ground there remains some portion of their roots in the ground. Even as we go through tough times the roots of our being remain for us. If we look at the tree’s life we see that it is not a fast growing tree. We are also not fast growing and if we take our time to grow and plant our roots we too can stand tall and steady. Sometimes we look for the quick or easy way. Most times this is not a solution to any problems we are having. As we go through life we are constantly changing. If you think of a tree’s roots spreading out, you will notice if a way is blocked the tree will send its roots in another direction to make it steadfast. We as humans will also go in another direction in our lives several times to get to where we want to be. Each year a maple tree will shed old leaves in the Fall and get new leaves in the Spring. The Fall leaves that are shed are beautiful but have served their purpose. As we go through our life we will also go through the seasons of Fall and Spring. In our lives I believe Fall is the shedding of old ways and Spring is the beginning of new ways. Even as you shed your old ways they have brought beauty to your life just as the Fall leaves of a tree brings beauty to the world. A tree can turn over a leaf when the wind blows, but most leaves stay steadfast to the tree. Think back on a time when a wind blew through your life and you were steadfast until the wind subsided. Look around you there are many things in nature that we can compare how they grow to our lives. A tree beautifies and makes for a healthy environment and is grounded, these are the things I strive for everyday in my life. Take a minute to think about how you would compare your life to that of a tree. I bet you will find several similarities. Thank you for reading my blog!

Sky Blending

Anytime I look up at the sky I enjoy the beauty of seeing something that has almost been untouched by man. Some would argue that it has been affected by man. I understand that completely, but the beauty of the sky has never been so great. I enjoy looking up and seeing the sun peeking through the clouds as the rays appear to touch the ground. I enjoy seeing the pinks and reds and all the different colors of the sky. It reminds me that there are different colors that make the world go around. Just as we as humans have different skin tones and we blend together to make a community, so do the clouds blend together to make a beautiful sky. The sky has always amazed me as it intertwined with our world but seemingly never touches it. As beautiful as the sky is in the daytime and in the morning, it is just as gorgeous in the evening. Showing the moon coming through a little bit of clouds and just enough to see but there is still movement in the evening as there is in the day. So it goes to show even on your darkest hours there is movement and ever-changing times to make a beautiful picture.

As layers blend to make a beautiful photo,
so do we blend to make a wonderful world!

Front Yard Birds

I have about four feeders in my front yard as well as three feeders in my backyard. The birds and squirrels all eat well from those feeders without too many issues, only the occasional disagreement occurs. Each morning when I go out to make sure they are filled I find the joy in watching how the birds react to my presence. In the back yard there are few birds except for the nuthatch. The nuthatch will fly up a couple of branches and then watch me fill the feeder. It is astounding how close you can get to nature without interferring with their daily schedule. Speaking of schedules, when I go to the front yard feeders I am greeted by sparrows, downy woodpeckers and grackles (type of blackbird). They fly away when I head towards the feeders to fill them. On occasion I have had the pleasure of the downy woodpecker just holding still beneath his suet feeder. I also throw out peanuts for the squirrels and the bluejays. Today as I was cleaning and refilling the bird bath, the bluejay came down not two feet from me and got himself a peanut to take up in the tree and eat. The squirrels were playing nice today as they all hunted for the best peanut of the batch. As I watch all the wildlife that comes to my front yard I am amazed that I see the same demeanor in them as I see in my human companions of the world. As I looked on I notice a lone grackle walking away from the yard. His pace was slow and deliberate as if he had been rejected from the flock. How similar they are to us and yet how different. On a recent occasion, tragically a young bird was struck by a truck and wounded severely. Within minutes of this happening the fledgling grackles flocked around the injured fledgling and stood ground until the older grackles came to surround the injured fledging. After about five minutes it appeared the bird would not make it and the other birds flew away but, stood watch from the wires above. The way I see the birds and squirrels may not be the same as others but, I see them as little versions of human life with the same attitudes and problems that face our society. Working together has helped kept them fed as well as housed in hard times. People can agree or disagree with me. It does not change how I feel and never will, that is what makes us great, we all do not think alike.