A New Home for an Old Home.

I work for two private attorneys who are in the process of moving our office. They have decided to move to a building that is a historical landmark, which at one time used to be a home. Beneath the walls are the signs of olden times which include wallpaper of days gone by. The beauty and richness of this building is much to behold. As it is transformed for new life we see remnants of the old life. Some of those remnants will not disappear, as we want to hold them dear to our hearts. While other remnants will be given a makeover and be a little more updated. Just as this old building is holding onto old remnants as a reminder of days gone by, we tend to hold on to things from our past. These remnants from our past remind us who we are and where we came from and we don’t want to lose that. But just as this building is getting a makeover to include the past, we sometimes have to do a makeover on ourselves and include the past in that. We take from our past what we have learned from the good and the bad and we challenge ourselves to do better with those reminders. There are fireplaces of old which will be kept to remind us of the warmth that it has given all of the families and businesses in the past. There is marble which will hold strong on the floors and on the walls just as this building has held strong throughout the years. If we look at ourselves we will see the same. Most of the walls are made of brick which were strategically-placed one-by-one to build the strong wall that would last throughout the years. If we were to draw a brick wall I wonder what we would put as names for each of those bricks that have given us our solid foundation. These are just some of the bricks of my foundation and walls what are yours?

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Build Up and Laugh

I continue to read Ecclesiastes 3:3-4 from the Bible “A time to break down a time to build up, a time to weep and a time to laugh”. We all, sooner or later, have a breakdown that we don’t think we’ll ever get over. Whether it be finances too strained, too much work to do or being a single mom/dad trying to figure out how to pay the bills. Then we come to the realization that we can only control what we can control and we start building up ourselves and those around us. We build up our confidence and we build up our children. Building up our confidences and our children for example, those are things that will never go away. A time to weep and a time to laugh. We all have moments where we will weep and laugh. Whether it be the loss of a loved one, losss of a pet, loss of a job or loss of a relationship, all of those things will make us weep. In those losses there are some things that we may laugh about. The one that has passed on, we laugh at some of the things that they did while they were still with us. Such as my dad who has passed away. I weep that he is gone but I laugh at the moments when I could see him smile and chuckle. The pranks that he played on everyone at Christmas, how he would steal a biscuit that you had just buttered and the bonfires that he used to hold. So, as I am sorry for the loss of my father, I also enjoy and laugh at the life that we had together. At this time my mother has now been diagnosed with dementia. As we deal with this, we as siblings will build each other up as we have our little breakdowns in the realization that our mother is losing her memory. Things will be different from this point forward. We weep that she has lost some of her memory. We laugh at the little things that we remember about her and that she even does to this day. The two things that stands out to me is when we would go out dancing and when we went shopping we would tell our partners that the other one bought what we brought home. The laughter is not at that person, but at the joy we have at still seeing her and able to have a positive interaction no matter how small.

As the sun rises over the clouds so shall We rise over our clouds.