Fallen Tree

When a tree falls you can think of the destruction that it has made. Such as the tree that fell on our back deck and destroyed a portion of it during a storm. Yet out of those fallen trees can become new growth or new uses for the fallen parts of the tree. For example there was a portion of the tree that was too heavy for us to remove from my lawn or could not be cut up and we have kept it in our lawn. The grandchildren have thoroughly enjoyed climbing on it and jumping off from it. Fallen trees can do damage just like a person who has fallen in their own life can do damage to others or to things around them. But we must remember that the fallen branch or fallen tree used to be a productive person just as the tree was productive and useful. When a person suffers from a tragedy they may not feel whole just as the tree that has lost a portion of it. Trees, most times can recover with time and the same can be said about people. Although trees can sometimes recover with the help of nature, people may need the help of others to recover and it may take longer than they would like. As we look around our world and how it has changed within the past few months we have seen how people depend on others to help them through the “broken branch” times. Just as a tree can be renewed so can people. Given the chance to reach out most people can be renewed with faith and friends. Don’t become the person that just sees the “fallen tree”, be the one that helps to give that “fallen tree” a new outlook on life.

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