Morning Music

Morning music is my favorite thing. To hear the crickets chirping, the birds squawking and cars in the distance. All of which appear to be in their own perfect harmony. Even the occasional bee buzzing by my ear does not hinder the beauty that I find in the morning noises, as I wait for the sun to rise. These are the peaceful times in my life yet it is not still and silent. In the distance I can hear the cardinal sounding like two nickels rubbing together and the crow, that will never come visit my yard, cawing. I hear the morning song of a nuthatch as it goes to the suet feeder to get his favorite meal to start off his day. You can hear the screech and other calling sounds of the blue jay as they alert me that they are ready to swoop down to get their peanuts. Enjoying my breakfast with these beautiful sights and sounds makes for a God-given glorious start to every day. I implore you to take a minute outside and just listen with a new ear. You may hear things you never thought about before. Thank you to all my current and future followers and readers for taking time out of your day to read my blog!

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