Plantings in Life’s Path

As I start on another endeavor I have been wanting to do, reading the Bible more. I came across “Ecclesiastes 3:2-3 “A time to be born and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to pluck what is planted” (New King James Version). I noticed how much that has to do with how I am now going down a different path. The non-profit and sole business were born out of what I thought was necessity and desire. They are now in the process dying, although I will not forget how each of those endeavors took me to where I am now. A new path is being born. The seeds that I once planted with those two are now being plucked out of the path to make room for the new “plants”. As we grow there are actions and circumstances that birth ideas, positions, and proposed paths. All of us have at one time or another had to make changes to our paths. Whether it be a difficult or easy task those changes were necessary to make room for the different times in our lives. When I read the scripture above, I never thought of it as pertaining to an actual physical life, although it absolutely could. I thought of it as the changes that take place in our lives. Not everything, that has such words associated with it as “die”, have a negative meaning. We all know about physical death, but have we ever looked at such things as leaving high school or college as a death. In a way it can be, but it also gives birth to new ideas and plans. Plucking a plant may not be exactly as it states, although it certainly is one way to think about it. As we leave high school and college, we pluck that which was planted. The knowledge we received and the diploma/degree we earned are plucked from those entities and set us up to plant more in our lives. As well we could look at those ideas in the same way as we continue down our life’s path. Every time there is a change in our lives something dies and something new eventually is born and leads us either on the continued path or we turn to another path. Each time we learn something new there is something planted in us. We can then just pluck out what is not necessary and then make room for more positive “plantings”. Although we must never forget what has been planted in our paths and how that has steered us on our current paths, we know that such changes are necessary to lead a fulfilled positive life. Thank you for reading my blog.

Just as a snail changes its path many times in a lifetime, so do we.

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