A Little Squirrelly

Yes, we are back with the squirrels again tonight. We started throwing peanuts out for the bluejay, which used to dive bomb for them several times in the morning. Most times now he only comes about once and the rest are taken up by the squirrels. They come in a range of shapes, sizes and colors just like humans. They are, mostly, accepting of each other. Although, sometimes they like to show who is boss by chasing some of the squirrels away. I watched as one such interaction took place. Two squirrels were chasing each other around the base of the tree about a foot up from the ground. Around and around they went until one decided, apparently, that it was tired of this circular running and getting nowhere and went up the tree. Just as we as humans sometimes get accustomed to going around on that proverbial circular track without ever figuring out how to get off from it.

Yes, I love nature and take many pictures of nature and now I have so many I am working on a way to share them with others. Back in 2016 I published a book with some of my pictures and some sayings that were God given to me. Unfortunately the publisher decided to close shop and follow his calling to become a minister and my books have been at a standstill shortly after being published. I did not start the book to gain fame or notariaty I just wanted to get my pictures and words out to those interested. To date I still have several copies and tonight I decided it was time to sell them on my own. So I will be making that journey along with other options to try and follow the path I originally wanted to be on. I write this tonight to piggy back on the blog last night wherein I spoke about the young lady getting her self-esteem back. She had read that you have to look within yourself to find out what you really want to do with your life and plan to go after whatever that may be. If we all followed our hearts to do good, we could all help one another with their paths. Squirrel, other animal or human we all play an important part in this world.

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