Just a Little Bit

As we all know there are several people in this world that suffer with low self-esteem, which we could consider a glitch in our lives. I am amazed at those that can dig themselves out of this issue at an early age. I suffered from low self-esteem for several years mainly becasue of my weight. At forty I looked in the mirror and decided I did not like what I saw and vowed to change. I was working in retail at the time and decided I had to do something about my weight and did not want to be in retail for the rest of my life. I lost fifty pounds and went to college and earned my paralegal degree. Even after that I suffered with low self-esteem, I thought I was still fat and hated my picture taken. This year I turned fifty-seven and even though I weigh a little more than I did in my forties, I saw myself as a beautiful person for the first time. I look back on those pictures and say “Wow, you were thinner in your forties than today”, but back then I thought I was too fat to be with anyone. It is amazing how little things can skew how we see ourselves. By the way I met my perfect match seventeen years ago and he has accepted me for who I am no matter what my size or employment. When you learn to love yourself you open up a whole new world. Even though I was outspoken and gave 100% to wherever I worked I never looked in the mirror and thought you are great. My advice to anyone struggling is to look in the mirror and let that person in the mirror know you love them no matter what. I have seen people go through many of the same feelings, some much younger than me that have taken charge of their destiny. I am proud of those that can do it at an early age. Although, I am proof that you can change anything at any age and feel better about yourself. So do not despair and think it is the end of the world. Hang on and it will eventually get better, you may have to ride that roller coaster but eventually it stops, the dizziness goes away and you then feel better. If you need help go get it. Whether it be reading a book, counseling or whatever you can find, that is non-destructive to your mental and physical well-being, that can help you through the roller coaster. I know a young lady that recently decided to take on her low self-esteem and began reading a book, taking one day for herself and getting out of a relationship that was going nowhere. Now she looks happier and feels better about herself. Someone once told me “You can’t take care of anyone if you don’t take care of yourself first”. I find that very true.

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