One of Life’s Little Glitches

While working with the court system I have come to realize that it isn’t easy for anyone that works in or with that system. They have a job to do no matter how we may feel about them. Do some people go overboard with power? Some may think so, but did we ever think that some are lax and others follow the rules to a tee? The attorney’s are trying their best to do all they can do for their clients and the court employees are doing everything to see that the laws are followed. I know this is off my post from last night but it is something I felt I needed to say. As we look at life around us we see all sorts of “glitches” and don’t think anything of it until it touches our life or the life of someone close to us. Please remember in these hard times that everyone that is working has a task that is expected of them and most do their job to the best of their ability. If a cashier is slow they may be struggling with how to pay their rent. If a meter person writes you a ticket it means that you did not obey the parking laws.

Today I was parked in a 30 minute loading zone and left my three older grandchildren in the car as I ran into the office to exchange files. My granddaughter called me and said “Grandma the meter lady said you have to come move your car or she will have to give you a ticket.” Wow, I thought I was only going to be less than the 30 minutes. As I came outside to move the car I was mumbling to myself that I had parked there many times before without an issue. As I was about to move my car I spotted the meter person and want to clarify things with her. She let me know the rules to parking in an unloading zone and I thanked her for letting this old lady know the rule I had never read up on. I was in the wrong but she gracefully made me aware of the rules and regs and we both went our separate ways. Could this have turned ugly if one of us let our feelings get in the way? Absolutely it could have but thank God we both kept our feelings to ourselves and dealt with the crux of the problem. In conclusion this is just one of life’s little glitches that I am glad did not turn into a major issue. Thank you for reading my post and have a good night.

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